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Nail Clippers with fold-Away Magnifier and LED Light

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You no longer have to worry about touching your nails and cutting your nails

LED function magnifying glass nail clipper is used to enlarge the tip of the nail and make it easy to see clearly. The nail can be cut at any time, safe to use, With the LED light, the details on both sides of the nails become clear.


  • 💕【Material】The nail clipper is sharp to cut nails quickly and the handle use ABS resin to make,is not slippery and comfortable to hold.The nail clipper is rusty free,sturdy and durable,can stay sharp for a long time.
  • 💕【Professional nail clippers】: The nail clipper with a 2.5X magnifying glass for a clear and natural view to reduce eyestrain. The angle and position of the magnifying glass can be adjusted to fit different needs. With LED lights, you can clearly see your fingers even in low light, and cut your nails perfectly.
  • 💕【For elderly】: Allow the elderly to cut finger and toe nail by themselves.It’s easier to see the nail as you clip for accurate, safe results every time
  • 💕【 For baby】: Clipping baby's tiny nails can be stressful-unless you have the right tool!, with precision, stainless steel blades and an ergonomic sure-grip shape. Sized and scaled for tiny nails, you'll breathe a sigh of relief with this clever clipper in hand!
  • 💕【A light weight and small nail clipper】: You can carry one in your bag,pocket,let you cut your kid's nails at anywhere and anytime. Show your care and love to your child and the elder.

Nail Clippers Size: 89*15*25mm
Magnifying Glass Diameter: 45mm

Package Includes: 1* Nail Cutter with Magnifying Glass